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[BrokenTime(TEA)] is looking for experienced proofreaders (and one editor).

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7:30 am, Jun 18 2009
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Hello ppl.
We're a revived scanlation group Broken Time Scanlations (previously known as TEA-Scans), so like many "new" groups... no we're not recruiting ALL positions.
Whom we really need now is a new proofreaders, preferably with some experience if not with manga than with just text correcting... You know what a proofer's job right? To make a sloppy english scripts (if translator is having problems with it) into a good, with a nice flow and fine grammar, english, without making drastical changes to the original text (unless the translator is a REALLY dummy, we don't have ones like this, btw).

It would be nice to lower my workload, as I'm a pretty much the only editor here atm. So I'd like to recruit one or two cleaners\full editors. Especially for simple to edit series like Da Capo Second Graduation.
With this you don't need to have tons of experience or an enormous amount of skills (such ppl is more than welcome to join, though). I'll give you some tips and advices if you need.

If you're interested to work with... and, well, under command of, such a haphazard leader, don't think twice.
E-mail me on golsho [at] .

P.S.: I beg to apply only those who sure that he have enough of resolution to actually help. That's mostly about editors, since newbies often think that's funny and interesting and dig in it to find out a bit later that it's actually difficult, time-consuming and "sucks, lol".

That's not a random words, editing is a such thing, BUT only until you learn the gists of it. As you becoming better it'll getting easier actually. And it can be quite a fun, to do the manga you was only reading, 'cause you know you can help the other lambs like yourself (before) to have this yummy grass sooner. Of course you'll have it even earlier, lol. That's just a small part of fun.. At least for me.

So, now, come and apply~

~Sincerely yours, GolSho.

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