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I Can’t Remember the Title, Pls Hlp

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2:00 am, Oct 9 2020
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I’m looking for a manga I read like 8 or so years ago. It was based in a high school and I kind of remember it starting in a cafeteria with the main girl yelling at some guys. One of the more key things I remember is that the girl and the guy kept finding themselves waking up together naked but not knowing why, and the guy constantly saying he could marry her if she was pregnant or whatever. I remember the guy and the girl didn’t necessarily get along very well at first.

Any info would be great. I’ve been thinking about it for months! 😅

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1:18 pm, Oct 18 2020
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I hope you find the name of this, sounds really interesting!

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2:11 pm, Oct 18 2020
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Sounds super interesting would help narrow it down what type of manga style is it is it a shoujo, Seine etc..

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6:43 pm, Oct 18 2020
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Well, I’m pretty sure it’s shoujo? It’s got some innuendos in it, and the girl has blonde hair and the guy has dark hair. She’s relatively popular, and he is kind of like the “cold prince” stereotype. It’s definitely romance but very slow burning. That’s all I can really remember right now.

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3:12 am, Oct 19 2020
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I think I found it. So the girl has brown hair, but I’m the drawings it looks blonde. I’m pretty sure Happy Hustle High School. It’s definitely older but it has the key points I remember!

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