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Just a little FYI

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10:55 pm, Jun 22 2007
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Chapter 6 is the end of Omamori Himari volume 1. As of this posting, there has been no word on when volume 2 will be released. Since I don't think most people visit our forum for news, I thought I'd make a post here to let everyone know we're not holding back or dropping. We're just waiting for raws. Hopefully, it will come out soon.


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11:28 pm, Jun 22 2007
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Thanks for telling embarrassed!!

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5:27 pm, Jun 29 2007
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Thanks for the information about vol 2 and also great work on volume one as well. Shame that this series seems to be underated and not in one of the more popular manga's in japan as well. Deserves to be a bi weekly manga at least as so much could be told and monthly just seems so far away sad Looking forward to your work on the next volume and all the other series you do as well.

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4:55 pm, Jul 4 2007
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I would like to thank you guys for picking up this project. A really good manga which hasn't got the attention it deserves.
Hopefully this will change with further chapters released. I remember seeing this manga when only 2 chapters had been scanlated and decided not to read due to the lack of reading material.

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