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Your Urbandictionary Name

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you flirty bitch

9:09 pm, Sep 1 2012
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Karolina (actually Karoliina but there weren't any responses)

1.the sexiest piece of shit around, a really good friend, would kick everyones ass if she could, has a nice ass and body and sick hair..
2.Tiny and feminine. Suitable only for girls. It is not so popular name. But is used only in special occasions because they are really cute and may drive you crazy.
3.Origin of the Name Karolina: Old High German
Usage of the Name Karolina: Polish, Slovenian, Slovak, Macedonian, Hungarian, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, German, (Estonian)
The most amazing girl on earth, perfect and flawless in every way. The most gorgeous girl you have ever seen.She has big beautiful eyes and when she smiles it makes you want to melt (that's creepy)

wait....who the hell is this??

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Dark Knight

9:36 pm, Sep 1 2012
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1. Philippe

1. Innocence and pure heart, a guy who makes magic to feel real

2. He will teach you how love feels like and will make you be someone when you were just nobody

3. He changed my world with one smile, he took my heart with one kiss
Philippe made me feel alive again and experience for the first time the real love

(Apparently, I'm a magician.)


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1:40 am, Sep 10 2012
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1. Christina
The coolest, cutest, nicest girl ever. With the best personality, also very quick witted and very smart. Everyone should get to meet her at least once.

Everyone loves Christina.

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Life Puzzler

9:01 am, Sep 22 2012
Posts: 151

- The only thing guys want. Very talented. And can be very naughty at times.
- Sexier than all other of the female gender, unbelievably cool.
- A brilliant, witty, talented, beautiful girl who everybody loves and boys swoon over. She is passionate and flirty.

Well this made my day brighter, haha. Also tried my middle name and:

- Meaning great beauty.
- Very attractive to both sexes, but has low self esteem.
- One who has High Sex Appeal with out knowing that they do.
- Also they are usually very good at art, english, and video games. Making them the perfect girlfriend and envy of many.

But then...

- A royal bitch, has total control of her boyfriend, nobody really likes her, likes to whine, is always singing in annoying voice, is probably one of the most annoying people you will meet.

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5:03 am, Sep 23 2012
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I think i pretty much got the best one

"basicilly a kid with a huge d**k. looks great, smells great, and all the ladies want him. great at sports also. great sense of humor."

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Manga Eater

5:17 am, Sep 23 2012
Posts: 442

Most were just the typical "prettiest girl in the world--etc.". A lot about "nice hair" too, which I found a little odd.

This was my fav though, because the first line of #2 is somewhat accurate:

1. City in austrailia

2. A mature but funny person who dates older guys. Usally very sexual, and has wicked nice hair and eyes.

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Follow fashion, act normal;
Walk on the pavement, watch T.V.;
Save for retirement, obey the law.
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5:53 am, Feb 12 2013
Posts: 225

Only one post and it's from 2009:

1. AWESOME POSSUM THE BESTEST RAINBOW CHILD IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!!! who has a strange attraction to evvery man in the world including optimus prime and calls everyone her luver smile AND HAS A STRANGE ATTRACTION TO AXE and loves emo peeps!!!!!

(And yes, those words are in CAPS from the original search result... oiy.)

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6:29 am, Feb 12 2013
Posts: 287

Quote from xXTsukiXx
Hey I like your name.
Sayan, when you say it, it sounds very nice ^.^

Ha ha ! Thank you ! laugh

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4:42 pm, Feb 13 2013
Posts: 1

found my name O.O

***** is a sophisticated, sexy, talented girl. If you are friends with an ***** you are lucky! She is usually naturally beautiful and brunette, everyone is jealous of *****. The name means 'noble' and is of Irish origin.


Post #587284 - Reply to (#587273) by Alycy
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5:38 pm, Feb 13 2013
Posts: 217

1. A very rare kind of lover.He knows instinctively what the partner needs and gets right to it.He has a gentle side to him ,yet is a very macho man.He kisses like a god.His touch coaxes any woman in submission.He has a sexy ass.


-a large vehicle used to smoke pot in, drink alcohol in, or to do "the nasty"

-also known as: "the shaggin' wagon"

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Procrastinator and

6:28 pm, Feb 13 2013
Posts: 982

a beautiful girl that every guy follows around and that every girl wants to be
Stefan: look at fernanda she looks beautiful today
Amanda: shit she looks that good everyday

a beautiful/gorgeous latin girl....who is tremendously easy
"dude i got fernanda pregnant!"

"dude relax anyone of us could have gotten that girl pregnant"

Ok, is this good or bad? daudfgsdyugfuds

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7:22 pm, Feb 13 2013
Posts: 191


A girl that is misunderstood, secretly loved by all, and a gorgeous person (inside and out). She has great friends who love her, and doesn't judge other people she doesn't know. She's forgiving, sweet, and won't listen to haters. She's an overall great person.

Hmm... =/ well, IDK.

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7:37 pm, Feb 13 2013
Posts: 262

Hm.. I can't share some of my results because it's... Well.. Very NSFW...
And then if I just posted the other ones it seems like I'm editing it to be in my favor..
But if you're really curious, my name's Albert. Have at it. :3

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6:49 pm, Feb 18 2013
Posts: 199

Unknown origin of name: This species of person is particullary sexy and well known for his displays of affections - loves kisses! A *** is very skilled with her feet and a carefully carved piece of wood with 4 wheels. Money does not faze a *** - they're minted! A *** can surprise one with spontaneous outbursts of horniness which are warmly recieved by all!

I dunno what to say... *facepalms* eek eek

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12:54 am, Feb 19 2013
Posts: 128

My full first name isn't on there but my first name, excluding the ending, is... I don't want to mention what it says... and not just because it assumes I'm male. no

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