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Looking for a manga about

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11:14 pm, Oct 12 2020
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looking for a manga about the mc has a skill that put items or creature back to what they original looked like, for example if the skill used on a rusty iron sword, the sword would then turn into when it was on its perfect peek you could say, it would look really shiny and real sharp. well the mc has that skill and trying to level it up to used on a childhood friend of his that was stabbed by a monster and poisoned her (i think) and mc grandfather had a skill that would freeze a person in time, it was on the highest level his grandfather could level it up too. he froze the female childhood friend and the childhood friend got carried by the mc and ran away from the village. the village at the time was getting destroyed by a monster swarm.

each person in that manga world has a skill tree. its literaly a tree that has skills on the branches when the tree get leveled high enough and starts sprouting branches.

this manga give out a isekai feeling but its not a isekai manga. its in a world that would be around the middel ages.

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10:16 am, Oct 13 2020
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thank you very much 🙂

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