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Ootsuki miu manga - maybe?

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4:08 am, Oct 13 2020
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Edit: I found it. It's Konbini-kun by Junko. I don't know how to delete this thread tho 😅

Argh! I thought I remembered reading a manga by ootsuki miu about a boy who is working at his uncle's convenience store. He is terrified of going out after being traumatized by his exfriend because He is gay. Another worker befriends him and starts liking him as a friend and then the first boy's schoolmates come in and warn the other guy that he is gay and will hit on him. I just can't seem to find it on her page or in my lists?!?!

Thank you so much in advance.

Takagi Shigeyoshi, Suzuki Tsuta, Yoneda Kou, Ogura Miku
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