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Name of this manga...

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10:38 pm, Oct 14 2020
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Hi all,

I am hoping someone can help me find the name of this manga. I read it a while back and it was still ongoing. I can only remember vague parts of it.

I believe there are characters who transform from human to a particular character, not sure if it’s based on the zodiac or not.

I remember one scene from the manga where the guy moves in to a mansion with other male characters who already have partners, there is this antisocial character that transforms in to a type of lion, but because he doesn’t have a partner, he doesn’t have control. He transforms one night and is seen by the character who just moved in and the relationship goes from there.

Very vague I know but hopefully it rings a bell for someone


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5:39 am, Oct 16 2020
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It kind of sounds like Sex Pistols... or Eto Irokoi Zoushi?

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