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A BL manga where mc thinks the world is ending so confesses to highschool crush

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8:41 pm, Oct 16 2020
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It was a fairly short bl manga. The main character goes to confess his love because he believes the world is ending[m] (or something along those lines) and his childhood crush is know a shut off author. They are both adults. I think they live together for awhile and at the end the love interest accepts and returns (?) the feelings. I read this like a year ago but I don't think it was a super recent story.

Sorry if I did this post wrong, its my first time posting here.

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4:47 pm, Oct 18 2020
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Is it If the World Was Ending Tomorrow?or maybe Ringo ni Hachimitsu

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4:04 am, Oct 20 2020
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Thank you so much 🙂 it was Ringo ni Hachimitsu !

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