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ACE SCANS is recruiting all positions

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7:39 am, Oct 19 2020
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We are recruiting raw providers, typesetters,Cleaners and proofreaders for our 15 projects, If you are new don't worry about it cause we accept newbies and teach them.
To be a Proofreader you should be fluent in english and to be a cleaner you should have photoshop or other softwares.
If you want to be typesetter our group is open for newbie typesetters too.
We are in dire need of artists right now, hop into our discord and DM me for more info

and position for all Translator are open, don't worry if you are just a beginner or newbie we accept you.
And join our discord for more info.

New discord link.
Please we are dire need of help right now! 😳


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4:03 pm, Nov 18 2020
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We are Recruiting Experienced Japanese Translator, Chinese Translator who are familiar with the language

Well, we are open for all positions, DM me after getting into the server.

We need typesetter, there are some who want to contribute for scanlation field, If so you can get into our server and can learn while working on our series

We need Experienced Redrawers, if you want to help us

We are in desperate need of help since we are getting slow due to low on staff and some some staff have gone on hiatus(means break due to real life issues/school work).

Please we need your help, get to ACE SCANS and help us.
we mainly are in need of Typesetters, Japanese Translators and Redrawers.

Our Discord link.------>

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5:51 am, Dec 1 2020
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we are in need of experienced QC.

we need experienced redrawer for one of our manga.
that is

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4:29 am, Dec 30 2020
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I wanted to ask if this is a payed job.
I can clean manga pages and redraw them quickly.

Post #788666 - Reply to (#787819) by DeliriousDie

5:21 pm, Feb 8 2021
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We do it as a hobby, sorry to inform you but this is not a paud job.

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5:26 pm, Feb 8 2021
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♤ ACE SCANS ♤ is recruiting!

We focus on Romance, Comedy, Action, and Fantasy genres. You might know us from:

- Musume Janakute, Watashi (Mama) ga Suki Nano?! mama-ga-suki-nano
- Slave of Black Knight
- 29-sai Dokushin wa Isekai de Jiyuu ni Ikita……katta i-de-jiyuu-ni-ikita-katta

Check out our MangaDex and MangaUpdates for the full list. We do have a small number of REASONABLY NSFW SERIES, but these are NOT OUR FOCUS and you can choose to avoid them!

We are a growing group, looking to pick up a lot of new series as well as expand our teams for our existing work. As such, we desperately need basically everything!

- Japanese Translators
- Proofreaders
- Cleaners
- Experienced Redrawers
- Typesetters
- Quality Checkers with experience in PR, TS, and CL/RD

To apply, please DM me or join our discord at and visit our #role-or-staff-application channel. Links to previous work are preferred, but not required.

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3:55 pm, Feb 18 2021
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Bump! 😛

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9:12 am, Feb 28 2021
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♠️Ace Scans ♠️
Is in desperate need of japanese translator, typesetter and redrawer. You can join as long as you know the basics. It's fine if you are new to scanlation too, We will help you with learning the roles whether it is typesetting or redrawer, we are ready to help you with learning.
Please apply for Japanese translator position, we work on romance, harem series and are in desperate need of translators to speed up the release and we are also in need of Brazilian Translators. Thanks for reading this.

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