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s2manga disease

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11:39 pm, Oct 19 2020
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I know I’m not the only one who despises this group. I have been patient because scanlators do this for free, but enough is enough. If you can’t translate well you don’t have to translate, nobody is forcing you to and like I said nobody is paying you.

But of course it’s not just about their bad horrible awful translations. It’s about them snatching popular series from other better scanlation groups that take their time to deliver a good product and instead deliver a faster poor quality translation just to lure people to their ad filled website.

But of course it also doesn’t end there because do you think they’re hard working enough to do their own scanlations? No. Ever notice the weird cut offs in some scans? Well yeah because they cut off the watermark of other scanlators and put their watermark instead. And I have nothing against the ones they steal from because even if they translated it poorly, they did it themselves and because the scans weren’t butchered to hide watermarks the story at least makes sense. But s2manga deprives us of the whole chapter.

Because they steal!!!

I wish there was a way to stop them.

I also heard they are uploading their own terrible versions on manga sites and replacing the good old ones to lure people to their site.

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