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Looking for a Japanese->English translator, typesetter

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7:02 am, Nov 6 2020
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Hi everyone,

I'm currently looking to translate a couple of abandoned series that have a few chapters in English already out, but were all left unfinished. Working on typesetting alone is pretty hard, and so is trying to decipher Japanese to English translations using google translate, so I'm hoping that a translator and a typesetter could help me with this. Beginners absolutely welcome, as I am one myself, and the more the merrier. I'm also happy to expand the range of series being translated if you join, because personally I just want to see as much manga in English has humanely possible. The tentative list of series I'm hoping to work on are:
Crest of the Stars (from vol 5)
Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service (from vol 16, since vol 15 is coming out in English in December next year)
Kyuukyoku Choujin R (from some part in vol 2)
Juuousei (from the start it's completely untranslated)
Shin Nozokiya (from volume 5)
Fuko no Iru Mise (from some part in vol 2)
I want to stress that the list of series above is purely aspirational and I would be happy to work on whatever you want as well. Please feel free to message me on Bakamanga, on Discord (radicalkiwi#3811), or on mangadex (radical_kiwi).
Thanks for reading!

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1:33 am, Nov 20 2020
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