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Reminds me of..

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5:47 pm, Jul 9 2009
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This reminds me of Aishiteruze Baby XD The personalities of the characters are a tad different, but I can't help be reminded of it -squee- All the characters are so glompable o.o

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2:00 am, Sep 1 2010
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I agree : )

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Slumbering Remnant

2:31 am, Sep 1 2010
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ahaha not to me
I didn't like aishiteru baby but I love Flat smile

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Lone Wanderer

1:26 pm, Sep 22 2010
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Not really, 'cause this doesn't have any romance (not so far, anyway). I hope it stays that way...'cause when romance comes into the equation, the little kid fades from the story and is replaced by the girlfriend cry

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10:01 pm, Jul 27 2011
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Hmmm... didn't really remind me of that title 'cos while the characters might be a bit similar, there's far more maturity in this manga. Also, there's very little drama and angst that lessened the impact of the writing(as opposed to Ashiteruze baby).

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