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Lovesick Alley is looking for staff! - Newly formed Shoujo Manga Scan Group

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1:13 pm, Nov 10 2020
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Lovesick Alley is recruiting for new staff! (β˜…^O^β˜…)

We are a newly formed group working on Shoujo manga.

β™₯ Japanese Translators - I'm the only JTL right now so your help would be a big help and I got your back anytime you're busy IRL πŸ˜€

β™₯ Cleaner / Redrawer - We have someone who helps us with CL/RD so someone has your back here. Experience required and must use Photoshop or any program that can export to PSD

β™₯ Typesetters - We have a wonderful TS who can help you so don't worry. Experience required and must use Photoshop. Fluency in english is preferred but it's fine if you're not. We got your back!

We are currently known for the series
You can check our current and upcoming projects on mangadex:

We are all doing this on our free time so we totally understand if you're going to be busy with RL stuff so don't worry about that. Everyone will cover for you so you don't need to be pressured and just enjoy this hobby of ours.

Please DM me here or on discord pattyyy#8346 if you're interested and we also have other series we are thinking of working on so you might be interested with those. πŸ˜€

PS: I'm always on Do Not Disturb status on Discord but you can DM me anytime 🀣

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3:46 am, Nov 17 2020
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Any help would be appreciated, please don’t hesitate to message us 😁

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12:51 pm, Nov 24 2020
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We need an experienced cleaner/redrawer to help us with our other projects! πŸ˜€

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