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looking for this yaoi where guy likes shoujo manga

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7:48 am, Nov 15 2020
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im looking for this manga where the taller guy secretly loves shoujo manga and hides it bc hes been judged by it before. his coworker thought he was gay, so he hits on him. shoujo manga guy thought he just made a friend that wouldnt judge his hobby so he invited him to his place to flex his gigantic shoujo manga shrine and reveal his secret but coworker thought he wanted to have sex. the coworker has a cute crush of him that he tries to hide so they can be friends!! specifically remember him sinking into a bean bag chair for some reason but take that with a grain of salt lmao. thank u!!!!!!!

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8:30 am, Nov 18 2020
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Kimi ni Koisuru Hazu ga Nai
by Suzaka Shina

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1:20 pm, Nov 19 2020
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aaaaaaa this is it!!! thank u so much!!!!!

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