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Looking for this yaoi manga about a office worker and his boss?

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5:21 am, Nov 16 2020
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I read it a while back and I can't remember the name... It's about a black-haired office employee (seme) who is who works for a boss (uke) who has a scary face?? A lot of people think he's angry but his face just looks like that.
They get to know each other and eventually there's some jealousy plot because the boss is getting blackmailed by someone else for sex I think.

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8:33 am, Nov 18 2020
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Renai Nenrei
by Naono Bohra

Post #786936 - Reply to (#786891) by Carmella

7:06 am, Nov 20 2020
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No, (though I love and need to re-read that one as well!)
I think there's a similar style of artwork... could've sworn it was maybe even by the same mangaka, but I haven't found anything that looks like it. I think the name had "Secret" in it if that helps. I hope it wasn't deleted 😢

Post #786937 - Reply to (#786936) by Poptartqueen

7:11 am, Nov 20 2020
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Wait nvm I literally just found it by accident

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