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Need help looking for old manga

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12:11 pm, Nov 17 2020
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Hi, I've been looking for this one manga for a year now. I think it's a oneshot or like 2 chapters. Goes like this

Takes place in an office environment. The uke likes his senpai at work and the senpai knows this. One day the senpai asked the uke to meet up with a or some sort knowing very well that client like young guys. Told the uke 'you'd do anything for me right?'. The uke went and the client told him he been tricked by his senpai and is only being used as sacrifice of the company and asked the uke to take his side (of cause they slept together even though the uke was not willing). In the end the company was taken over by the client and the senpai was shocked. But the client now boss said that he won't fire the senpai cuz the uke aske him not to. Senpai was baffled and the uke said 'i told you i'll do anything for senpai'.

So it's a pretty dark piece but i really want to reread it and look for more manga form that mangaka but can't seem to remember. Please help 😢

Thank you <3

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3:01 pm, Nov 21 2020
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I feel like I’ve read this but I have no idea what it looked like :/
I’ll go search for it.

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7:26 pm, Nov 21 2020
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For some reason I though it was from Minami Haruka but i couldn't find it. The art style was similar-ish? But it's been so long since i read it. So my memory might not be too good. 😔

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