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Why are women no longer allowed to be women?

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11:56 pm, Nov 18 2020
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Figured I'd ask this on a different site than I normally post these types of questions on.

One of the things that I'm noticing, particularly about Western media and politics, is that there seems to be an increasing hostility towards allowing women to be uniquely feminine, to act like a woman. The female protagonists in recent films and games all seem to be copies of Jennifer from I Spit On Your Grave, well beyond the point of possibly being considered a parody of the "angry white boy" stereotype that was prevelant over a decade ago. In academia, women choosing to take an education in or favor so-called "female dominated fields" over "male dominated fields" is treated like a Greek tragedy of the worst kind. In business, women are forced to go into jobs that are not suited towards their skillsets, or leave them feeling pressure and anxiety due to appointments to positions that they're ill-prepared for and only happened to meet the required diversity quotas or for good PR for the company. In public appearances, women must look like mutated freaks from a nuclear apocalypse and any showing of even a hint of femininity (Or ANY amount of attractiveness, even androgynously) is a blow towards "womanhood" because it's "promoting" an always ambiguous "patriarchy". In body image, women must either stuff themselves until they're blue in the face or go through the painful process of breast binding literally decades AFTER people considered it to be a "women's liberation" that the practice of foot binding was entirely eradicated. Why are women isolated and exhiled from the communities that have always accepted women, and only then for those same segregators and ostracizers to claim that they represent women and screech that "Changes need to be made because there aren't enough women"?

Summing it all up, why is a woman having even a thought of any sort of femininity (Or independence, for that matter) an action that should result in a witch hunt, with the punishment of death, due the paradoxical crime of "internalized misogyny "?
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And, this isn't a problem I'm noticing that's exclusive to women. "You're not black enough;" calls for another genocide of Meso-Americans; and demands for the immigrants to have their green card/visa/citizenship voided if minorities don't think or act a certain way. What's going on?

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