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it’s yaoi related, i need help on finding this comic/manhwa!

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12:00 pm, Nov 19 2020
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So to be exact, i don’t remember it it’s a manhua/manhwa/manga. it is a yaoi, i guarantee it’s just normal people without something like wolves/vampire/omegaverse/etc. the thing i remember is that the uke have an older sibling that is married with the seme’s father. and the seme disagree the fact that uke’s sibling is married with his father. there is a scene where the uke/seme have a wet dream and its starting for him to like that person on his dream also there is one time where the seme/uke got brought to bar so that he can like girls again, but that doesn’t work. hmm, time skip since i do not remember they fought then the uke need friend support. after that he met the seme. then he was brought to some kind of room and the seme confessed that he still like the uke. i do not know what happen after that since i lost it! someone please help me! i’d gladly appreciate it:,)

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