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I’m looking for this yaoi manga. I know the description but not the title, please help!! I’m desperate!!!

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6:01 am, Nov 21 2020
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[m] the manga I’m looking for is yaoi. Basically the uke is a university teacher and has a crush on his little brother. Soon his brother joins that university. The seme is a student at the same university and finds out about the ukes crush and starts have sex with him. Eventually they fall in love. I also remember that later the little brother starts liking the uke but is rejected. Some scenes I remember are that the semeuke have sex upstairs while watching the little brother play basketball in the gym downstairs. I also remember that the seme and brother stay at the ukes house one night and when the couple have sex the little brother catches them and gets mad. That is also when he starts liking the uke. I know this is a lot and it’s very specific but I hope y’all can help me find it, I really liked this manga!! I read it on manga go Incase if it’s important

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3:00 pm, Nov 21 2020
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Is it Kyouai Shinri Paradox?

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4:53 pm, Nov 21 2020
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Oh my god yess!!! Thank you so much!! You don’t know how long I’ve been looking for this!!!

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