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New Poll - Sexual Orientation

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10:40 pm, Nov 29 2020
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Quote from KaoriNite
Just wondering what your name transdude means if you think that humans are only cis-gendered males and females.

Came up with it years ago when I was a huge fan of Transformers and never bothered to change it because I didn't see a reason to. I've explained this before. Why do people, even IRL, keep assuming that I'm gay over the most superficial of things?

Quote from KaoriNite
Sexuality does not always relate to political ideology.

It does when you have Western comics literally going "Hello, I'm Gay-Man. I'm a gay superhero. Isn't that amazing? I'm so gay that I fuck and am fucked by my husband every night because we're gay lovers. WHAT?! Do you not like that fact that I'm gay, or that I'm talking about being gay? Then you must be a villain of the worst kind because any mention that gay people may be looked at in a negative light is an act more heinous than genocide. Even "true" villains can respect gay people. Away with this man for his thought crimes." And, all of this is done without an ounce of self-awareness or sense of irony.

Meanwhile, with anime and manga, I never saw ANY needs for such bullshittery in the media when it came to selling series like Ghost in the Shell, Cutey Honey, Mnemosyne, Read or Die, and some of Tezuka or Neji's works. All those are able to stand on their own, and there's no need to advertise the "sexuality" of the characters. But, then again, the Nips actually take some fucking PRIDE in their works. If you want to see what I'm referring to, read the afterward to Tezuka's Yakeppachi's Maria and chapter 28 to Shotaro's Fantasy World Jun.

Quote from KaoriNite
But I guess some people are so scared of LGBTQ people, they'd rather believe they don't exist or just exist in really small numbers and that any evidence to the contrary is somehow a lie or fabrication.

No one is scared of anyone. People are just increasingly hating them because they can't keep their fetishes in their pants and refuse to shut the fuck up. Fags have been banging on about their so-called "need for rights" for almost 50 years, managed to get the people to bend over backwards to alter marriage laws and public education, even going so far as to get the public to look the other way in regards to the the prepubescent strippers and child grooming, somehow STILL manage bitch about how "we need more rights and tolerance, and what current exists isn't good enough", along with demanding that more even people come to their already annual parades through the main street of every city, and then are at a complete loss and failing to figure out why it is that people are growing to hate them. Especially when the "rise" in people identifying as fags and trannies is because of pure pressure and nothing else.

If you want to be a flamboyant fag in the comfort of your own home, all the more power to you. That's your own private business, and anyone trying to intrude upon it is in the wrong.
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And, if you're going to crossdress is public, make sure that you actually LOOK like the sex you're attempting to pass as. Unless you're working for a escort service, then do whatever the Hell you want because that's your fucking job.

HOWEVER then going forth and demanding that society change their attitudes and morals just to make you feel better is going to result in nothing except justified harassment in your direction. Why is this a concept that people are failing to understand?

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