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8:48 pm, Nov 21 2020
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Hello from Secret Society Blanket~

We’re a small group that mainly focuses on comfy things and yuri. The tags “slice of life” and “food” are some of our favorite ones to work with!

We are mainly looking for typesetters and cleaners, though anyone is welcome to apply.

Something important to us is enjoying what we work on together, and thus we don’t have any hard deadlines or specific requirements. The most important thing is that working with us brings you joy. We also want to provide a comfy and safe space for people from all walks of life, be it LGBTQ+, race, religion, or anything else.

You can find information about our releases on our MangaUpdates page (and also here for our old group name).

Feel free to chat with me in DMs on Discord (Nyarumi Yukimitsu#4899) or our team over in our server. Thanks!

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