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Looking for a couple one-shots

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3:27 am, Nov 26 2020
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I asked some time ago for a story where a girl had a guy be friends with benefits because her boyfriend wouldn't go all the way, and he refused to continue to be friends after her boyfriend agreed to take things to the next level because secretly he was in love with her; never got any hits, but I thought I'd ask about a few others I recall.

First, there was a loli work I saw a long time ago in which the MC always sees a girl alone and decides to invite her in and offer her some food; she offers her body in "payment" because her father always demanded it, and when he refused she decided she wanted to or some nonsense, but the part I liked was how afterward he started taking her to karate classes so the next time her old man came after her she was able to beat the crap out of him.

Second, there was one I remember from some time ago where a guy recalls how a young girl had once declared that when she was older she'd be his bride. He accepted the proposal with amusement, only to be shocked some indeterminate time later when she barged in, threw a fist in the air and shouted "I just turned 16!" and he wound up married to her.

Third, the only one that may not have been translated, came a few years ago in either comic AUN or Mega-something: it starts out with an idiotic boy going to a hill/riverbank and screaming "I want to (*&^*(!" only to realize there were three girls sitting nearby. Sometime later those three girls drag him back to the same location and demand he yell it out again, and then yell back "Okay!" before the usual happens.

Oh, and one more that's more borderline-H (as in partly censored). A young man finds out that his super-rich father just passed away. He hates his father for abandoning him and his mother for the sake of the family wealth of something. He winds up with a maid who may have been adopted by his dad or at least was taken in by him, who reveals that she had developed a relationship with him and ends up in a similar relationship with the MC, followed up by a couple other girls, all of whom grow to love him but angrily rebuke him when he talks ill of his father.

And finally, a weird story in which a guy discovers if he fantasizes about doing something to his coworker or customers they start reacting as if he's doing it to them (from moving their mouths to becoming actually stimulated by his actions).

I somehow remember these stories, but I can't seem to remember the names or authors and it's kind of frustrating.

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9:37 pm, Dec 15 2020
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One more, I know Biribiri did a translation but I can't find it. A semi-loli story, a man recalls how at some point in the past a small girl declared that she'd be his bride one day. As he recalls this, that same girl, not looking all that much older, charges into his home, throws a fist in the air and shouts out "I've just turned sixteen!". He actually goes along with this, goes to her parents to get approval to marry her, but he's unwilling to consummate the marriage due to her obvious youth, and as such she has to try and figure out a way to convince him.

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4:39 pm, Jan 12 2021
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Deleted. Was late, didn't see I'd posted this already.

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