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The end has come (SPOILERS, Discussion)

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3:32 am, Nov 26 2020
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Manga's over boys.
complete with 141 chapters and a 12-and-a-half year run.
Well, time to spiral into post-manga sadness.
What were some personal favorite scenes from the series run you enjoyed?

I'll start off.
(also I have no idea how to get the spoiler tag to work, sorry)

I really enjoyed the fight against Familiar along with the much later fight against the mushroom triplets.
I enjoyed the fight against Familiar since it hepled drive home how important Isana was to Yumeji (since she doesn't get too much development in the earlier chapters).
I also just really dug how Familiar's Yard was simply Yumeji's school but with warped gravity. It made for a very memorable fight (aside from the fights against Pharos and of course REM)
It would've been a great arc to start off a second season if the anime hadn't derailed :/

It may not have been as impactful on Yumeji (and Merry) as the Maze & Chain fight, but I just really vibed with it.

I don't think i need to explain why the mushroom sisters(specifically the "god-maid"😉 stood out to me

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11:13 pm, Nov 26 2020
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Well I think it's really refreshing to see an author grow that much during this serialization.
The art and character design just improved so much. And even the smaller characters got fleshed out super well.

I don't think there has been much of a weak point tbh, just a steady increase in quality.

I personally enjoyed the moments a lot where he had to grow and overcome things he couldn't. Normally it would just to seem stupid to overcome something because one decided to, but it made perfect sense in this context. This one time where he lost taka to hercules was contrasting how he made no compromises and always kept an insane mental fortitude. And I think it ties beautifully into the isana x yumeji x merry ending. He doesn't choose any particular person there, he chose a path where he retains every person important to him, and takes them along for his life.
The push from merry is denied again, and instead a path is chosen where all three are together, through his story.

It's very elegant, if anything if like some more time with all the side characters, because they all are unique and interesting.

As one said:
The chase is complete now.

in need of romance?
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2:26 am, Dec 16 2020
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Those two scenes felt like easy answers to me, they boh stirred a lot more emotions out of me than the scenes I stated prior.
While the push from Merry denies me on of many endings I wanted to see (I was a huge fan of , It still fits so well that I simply can't complain about it. All three characters work so well off of eachother, and Yumeji's BSoD right before the Herucles fight really hit all the right marks.

Everything feels like it was planned from the start, and i'm glad Ushiki spent so long making something that can really resonate with people.

God I love this series

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