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If you've read Bloody Sweet, what did you like about it?

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2:03 pm, Dec 2 2020
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I've heard a lot of good things about it, but I just wanted to know what makes it stand out from other similar vampire romance stuff.

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5:56 am, Dec 3 2020
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it takes place in Korea but the male lead is a caucasian vampire.... 👀 at first i was like wHY??
but i like how the vampire is also culturally kind of clueless being in korea and falling in love with / protecting a Korean high school girl that's outcasted, bullied, lonely.
Character development is CLEAR and A+++ I instantly got attached to Naerim (female lead) from the 1st episode
It's really hooking and starts off strong so for me I just binge-read it in like 2 days
anyways you won't regret so I'd recommend!!
the only thing is that I read it on tappytoon (aka i paid for every episode) but apparently a different webcomic platform that's super new also has this exact same comic and theirs is a super cheap subscription service
i forgot the name tho i just read it on reddit somewhere and got kind of mad
anyways u should read it there if u don't $100 is pricey to finish this story

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12:32 pm, Jan 21 2021
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It has really fun characters and how they interact with each other. If anyone thinks it is typical vampire romantic story, then it would be wrong. It has substantial twists and turns that will take you for a joyride. Moreover, they creators have done a good job in the character development, over the period of time. Overall, it is a good read, go for it. 😀

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