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I'm looking for a specific manga

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3:58 am, Dec 8 2020
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I'm looking for a manga. I read it before, and I remember reading it before because I remember the contents. I just don't remember the name. It's about a girl who is in a group and she does a lot of stuff for the group. I think she's a person who makes potions or who heals. But she was abandoned by that group. Then she meets this other male who falls for her and she ends up falling for him but then her old group comes back and tries to take her away. The dude who does this uses magic to like charm her. But she is able to break away from the magic because of the main dude. I am pretty sure this is an isekai manga. 90% sure, just no 100% sure.

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4:13 am, Dec 8 2020
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E Rank no Kusushi ??

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8:11 pm, Dec 9 2020
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Omg yes!!!! Thank you so much!!!!!

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