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I'm Looking For revenge for heartbreak

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4:21 pm, Dec 13 2020
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Looking for manga that has male revenge for heartbreak.

No yaoi.

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3:05 am, Dec 14 2020
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Like Masamune-kun no Revenge? If you're talking about a direct plot for vengeance that's the first thing that comes to mind. Not a perfect match though, for certain reasons:
Spoiler (mouse over to view)
He eventually finds out that the girl he's been trying to get vengeance on isn't the one who insulted and rejected him as a kid; it was her maid and friend pretending to be her out of jealousy.

I've found myself wanting to see vengeance from time to time myself, generally if it's directly sought the guy winds up falling in love all over again, only this time it's requited. Wouldn't even mind that if there was actual remorse on the girl's part.

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