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New Poll - Cannibalism

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2:05 am, Dec 20 2020
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This week's poll is a bit morbid especially with Christmas coming up, but it just happens to be next poll that caught my interest. How detestable is cannibalism to you?

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Question: How many weekly series that you regularly read?
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10-20 - votes: 699 (22.7%)
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50+ - votes: 317 (10.3%)
There were 3083 total votes.
The poll ended: December 19th 2020

Why do 10% of you read so much manga?

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2:56 am, Dec 20 2020
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No... I try to find where that person came from instead...

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4:57 am, Dec 20 2020
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Too many unknown side effects with eating old meat, not to mention human meat. To be honest an average human fills themselves up with so many toxins and gets past carrying so many diseases with the hails of medication, that you probably setting your own downfall by eating random strangers.

Rather eat strange plants.

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Post #787593 - Reply to (#787590) by kurotaito

5:14 am, Dec 20 2020
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I was thinking in a snow montain scenario, meat stays fresh for a long time and getting food at all would be hard.

Also in the health part all I can think about is avoiding the brain but it's unlikely in these days to have prions (mad cow desease and others).

Post #787595 - Reply to (#787593) by Nekore
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6:19 am, Dec 20 2020
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A lot of diseases, parasites, and bacteria are destroyed when you (Properly) cook food. It's part of the reason why you should avoid eating completely raw meats (Even if it's frozen). That being said, in the event of another Andes incident and your options are limited, you take what you can get. And, with having to resort to cannibalism as a last ditch effort to survive, you can "safely" eat everything but the brain.

But, that's in the case of if you're stuck in an ice box. In the instance that you're trapped on a deserted isle, just relying on instinct is sufficient enough.

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6:27 am, Dec 20 2020
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I will say no, but I'm not sure if that thing really happen to me mmm...

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8:28 am, Dec 20 2020
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i'm not denying that my survival instinct in that situation would probably overpower my "omg i don't care if i die" angst, but i'd start eating dirt first if it's just to fill up a stomach rather than to get actual nutrition

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HanaTsuki Hime

10:29 am, Dec 20 2020
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There are way too many factors to consider, like others already mentioned - just how fresh the corpse is exactly? has it started to decompose? Just how far gone the starving has gone? Are you on an island or snowy mountain etc?

I, probably, wouldn't starve if I got stranded somewhere as long as there were some animals, even worms, or plants/berries around and water. If it's a snow covered me, there probably wouldn't be any plants or animals so chances of survival are slim, who knows XD this case scenario, I'd eat the body. Survival comes first. That person is already dead and won't care, but I can still survive.
I'd worry whether the person was healthy or had some disease or smt that I could get by eating the meat, but overall, immediate survival would win and I'd just hope that if I did get smt, it'd be curable later on.
I'd probably gag the whole time and have a difficult time keeping it down, but I'd eat. And if I were the dead one I wouldn't begrudge others for eating me if it means they can survive. I'd be dead either way.
Plus - cooking the meat properly will kill off most of the bacteria and what not, so it'd be safe to eat it in that regard.

Also, why are you people even wondering about eating the brain? That'd be the last thing I'd ever even think of eating. O.o
I'd just slice off some meat from leg or arm or smt...
I don't even eat animal brains or bone marrow, not mentioning human, that is just gross even to me...O.O I do have my limits, ya know? Unless...the brain was the only thing around...O.O

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11:15 am, Dec 20 2020
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Yes but even that is pretty dangerous. Even if you roast it. But what you ganna do? Starve to death. I would pick the juicy bits of the corpse clean and wash and prepare what I can before the corpse goes bad.

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Post #787607 - Reply to (#787595) by Transdude1996

1:51 pm, Dec 20 2020
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Didn't think about a snowy scenario, in that case you got to eat the human. Hopefully, one human can last till survival comes or the snow gonna kill me.

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3:10 pm, Dec 20 2020
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I had a co-worker once who would bring up topics like this at work. Like he would casually turn to you and ask if I could ever see myself eating human flesh or if I knew what happened to a human body when it was struck by lightning. Also inappropriate questions about personal matter

He was a very creepy guy. I dont know what happened to him...but... best case scenario is that he didnt become a serial killer.


6:22 pm, Dec 20 2020
Posts: 18

I guess I'd cook it before it goes bad, and try my best to preserve the meat for a while, but I'd only start eating it if I began to seriously, seriously starve. When you're one step away from starving to death and have no other choice, you more or less lose your mind and eat practically anything; I don't think I'm an exeption. I'd wait as long as I could before actually eating it, though, to see if I'd be rescued first. Or I'd try some plants first, or eat grass...


10:31 pm, Dec 20 2020
Posts: 84

Personally, a key aspect is that there IS vegetation. You don't have to know much about plants to still eat common bark and grass. This is actually why it's kinda weird that the Donner Party resorted to cannibalism when they were in a place that clearly had pine trees and mosses. It's suspected now that their fears of starvation were possibly a sort of mass hysteria that led to them making poor choices (including scaring off their native guides who were familiar with surviving in the climate... because they were trying to EAT said native guides).

On the other hand, the rugby team in the Andes DIDN'T have any vegetation, so it was kinda understandable that they resorted to eating their dead. However, the conclusion of that story suggests that if they'd attempted to descend the mountain sooner, fewer people would've died and no one would've had to eat anyone. In this case, their access to a one-way radio actually might've been detrimental. They were able to listen in to the search-and-rescue operations looking for them, so they thought that staying in one place was the best option, which it usually is; but, in this case, most of the search was being done from the air, and weather conditions in the mountains weren't ideal for that.

So, yeah, regardless of whether I knew anything specific about the plants, I'd try to eat the bark of trees and grass (also, plants means insects for protein) before eating a random dead person.


11:31 pm, Dec 20 2020
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Since I know nothing about plants I'm sure this situation would motivate me to begin learning about them.
Anyways, how is there no hope of rescue in a "foreseeable future" if future exists? Perhaps if you were planning on suicide?
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11:43 pm, Dec 20 2020
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I trust my InReach Mini to prevent me from ever becoming a cannibal, but if I was in some kind of weird situation where I had to eat a human corpse or starve, I would at least try to eat the corpse.

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