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Seize scans recruiting for english proofreader for a 4-koma!

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7:24 pm, Jan 3 2021
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We are in need of a native English speaker to proofread the manga we're working on:「Rifle is beautiful」
Hopefully American since we're working around American english but someone from the UK is welcome too!
Ideally we'd want someone who has experience in proofreading, but if you don't have much experience, as long as long as you're knowledgeable in english, we'd also appreciate the help!
None of us working on it are native English speakers and we don't want to make grammatical errors or unnatural dialogues for the fans reading the manga.
It's important that you can meet our upload deadlines, and that we can contact you directly on any app you're active, we really don't want to get much more delayed than we already are, though we are very understanding if you have any personal issues going on.

Every chapter is 4 pages long so it's not much work in itself. The manga is a 4-koma, that's why the quantity of pages. We'll be uploading chapters every 2 days, so around 16 pages every week.

This is the link of the manga on mangadex

Send us a message to our newly created page on facebook if you're interested, comment below, or send me a direct message!

Thanks for reading!

Post #788007 - Reply to (#787948) by Iro2807

4:15 am, Jan 6 2021
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Hello there! I'm interested in being your proofreader.

Post #788053 - Reply to (#788007) by Jezzuzz

3:22 pm, Jan 8 2021
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Thanks for your offer, but we already accepted a new one, I forgot to lock the post, I'm really sorry!

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