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New Manga Podcast!

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10:35 pm, Jan 4 2021
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Hello MU community! My buddy and I have just started a new podcast where we discuss various manga series in relation to their anime adaptations. It’s called Read the Manga, and we’d greatly appreciate it if you all checked it out.

Fair warning, it’s pretty free-form and casual at this point, and it does contain both cursing and heavy spoilers for the series we talk about. Any feedback would be welcome!

Check out my manga podcast:
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11:38 pm, Feb 18 2021
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Hey! Just checked out your podcast! Seems like an interesting concept!

I also started one with some friends centered on Shoujo manga. We're also really small so would love to talk about and share podcasting tips with you guys anytime! :3 about

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8:11 am, Feb 19 2021
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if you do an episode on 70's shoujo i'd love to hear it
edit:nvrmnd found it. have to wait for part 2

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3:42 am, Feb 21 2021
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Ayee glad you checked us out!!! 🥳

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