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Reading list rating broken

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9:09 am, Jan 8 2021
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What happens:

When I want to add rating to series in my "Reading" list, an error is thrown:

The list has the following options enabled: "Show rating", "Show status", "Sort List: With Priority". The issue does not happen on other lists such as "Complete".

Expected behavior:

Upon click on "Add", the rating input should appear and I should be able to rate the series, just like on other lists.


The issue happens because after the redesign, which happened a while ago, "Rating" grid cell element no longer has `k${seriesId}` id attribute, the "addRating" function was not updated. For now, I have to resort to a userscript as a workaround.

Dear site maintainers, please fix the bug, users are not supposed to patch the site for such basic features to work. I understand you might not have enough free time to attend to site as necessary or expertise to prevent bugs at earlier stages, but you can at least fix easy to address issues as they come up.

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11:31 am, Jan 8 2021
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I don't wanna start beef, but isn't your reaction a bit overkill?

Are you complaining about having fixed the issue before you reported the bug😕

How can you say they should at least fix the issues as they come up when it didn't come up before you made a post about it coming up complaining about that very thing...


Btw it works perfectly for me... That's how I always rate my series...

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2:40 am, Jan 12 2021
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This is now fixed. Thanks for the report.

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