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Yaoi manga office employees

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1:02 am, Jan 9 2021
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Hi I'm looking for a yaoi manga that I read before it was about an office romance where a man who was asked by either his colleague or his boss to give fashion advice/makeover? Anyway the guy who got the makeover looked like a slob before but after he was *Le gasp* super hot and he fell in love with the man who gave him the makeover of course. He mistakenly thought they were dating because the other guy said yes to sex, by when he found out the other guy didn't consider them to be boyfriends he ended it, of course then the other guy realized his feelings and they got back together. In the end due to circumstances they had to join another company and the guy went back to being a slob at the request of his lover cause he was jealous of the attention he got when he was cleaned up.

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6:02 pm, Jan 9 2021
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Try the title story from Ren'ai Shinan! by Takatsuki Noboru.

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6:06 pm, Jan 9 2021
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Yes, that's it! Thanks again 😁

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