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Looking for a manga. Help!

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10:22 am, Jan 9 2021
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I remembered reading a manga where the MC is a high school male who played RPGs and had a supposed wife in the game. His guild wanted to do an offline meeting (Im pretty sure its what they referred it as in the manga), so when he goes to meet everyone, it surprises him that they were in fact all girls that he attends high school with. Most importantly, his "wife" was a NEET girl with dark eye circles, but pretty and as usual, big tits. Although offline, she still refers to him as husband in public like in school. He feels determined to get her out of her RPG delusions and actually date her as their own selves. Some events I remembered was her calling the MC husband in front of students. The guild actually starts a club where they can play RPG in. The guild leader was tall, red-hair, and busty. The other guild member was I think blonde and pretty ordinary.

If someone can help me please, I'd be most appreciated. Thanks!

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11:49 am, Jan 9 2021
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Netoge no Yome wa Onnanoko ja Nai to Omotta?

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6:17 am, Jan 12 2021
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Thank you! This was it.

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