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Seize scans recruiting for an English->Spanish translator for a 4-koma!

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10:14 pm, Jan 9 2021
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We are in need of a Native spanish speaking person, who wanted to work with us to translate the manga 「Rifle is beautiful」from English to Spanish, and not the other way around, we are making this post in english for obvious reasons. Hopefully someone with a B2 english level, but you don't need any certifications, just have several years of speaking/writing/reading stuff in english.

Making mistakes every now and then is okay, since our Jp to Eng translator (of the same manga) will check and fix the translations to make the definitive translations, so that dialogues have the same meaning as in the raw version, in case anything gets lost in the Jp->Eng->Esp, but we're lacking hands to make the primary translation.

Every chapter is 4 pages long so it's not much work in itself. The manga is a 4-koma, that's why the quantity of pages. This month we'll be uploading one chapter a day, but from february we'll switch to one chapter every two days.

This is the link of the manga on mangadex

Send us a message to our newly created page on facebook if you're interested, comment below, or send me a direct message!

Thanks for reading!

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5:52 am, Jan 15 2021
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