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4:08 pm, Jan 10 2021
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Hi, I've been using this site for more than a decade now but this is the first time I've made an account. (Tbh, I just wanted to comment on the new poll.) The information here is more complete and accurate. I like the advanced search and the numerous available tags or categories we could use to find a manga we like.

I also like how the banner practically never changes. Sakura was in my head for a couple of years as I was constantly making up fanfics about her but when the clear card hen was released, I was bored in 5 chapters. And the pedophilia scared me. How did I accept that as a child? I guess some things should be left in nostalgia.

Anyway, I like the fantasy genre. Recently, I've been reading a lot of isekai stories, because there are lots of wholesome ones that emphasize the MC's relationship with his/her new family and that sh-t warms my heart.

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4:35 pm, Jan 10 2021
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Welcome to the forums! And I'm glad you liked the poll

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