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Looking for a Fighting/Martial Arts Manga

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10:13 pm, Jan 11 2021
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Hello everyone.

I am trying to look for a martial arts/fighting manga with the next facts ( some may or may not be fully accurate )

there is a contest of territory control in japan or something similar
main character is looking for another character with a tattoo. Other character is also a contestant in said terr control
the girl tells the main character about the other tattooed character with said tattoo

at one point, there is a tournament in a volcano where the team that the main character has gathered fights against the
other team.
main character often says "i don't care"

i remember in the tournament there being for example a guy covered in mucus/snot, a pair of girls who act like magicians and fight in perfect sync making it seem like there is only one girl at start,
a girl with a massive weapon (mallet/hammer i think), guy with sword fighting against those two girls.
the guy with a sword blind himself to fight against the two girls.

main character saves a girl in the beginning, befriends the girls sister (little girl)
main character saves a girl by throwing a car through a wall.
main character angry over villains destroying a drawing by the little girl.
there is a strong old man at some point in the end/latter points.
the manga status is completed
the main character is really large (as in tall) and powerful (hence throwing of car)

Sorry if i can't be more precise, that's about all i can remember. 😔

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12:36 pm, Jan 12 2021
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sounds like Kongou Banchou

Good description=Good answer
Good answer=Good reply

will not receive an answer from me:
Post #788145 - Reply to (#788142) by Alibaba_Saluja

1:46 pm, Jan 12 2021
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Thank you, that's it. Should i close the thread somehow, or should i leave it?

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2:00 pm, Jan 12 2021
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I admit, i got some "facts" wrong to begin with. I started reading the manga again and i noticed that. I'm sorry.

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