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Isekai Manga: Slime Girl/Wooden Marionette Doll (Rose)

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10:21 pm, Jan 11 2021
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Good afternoon my Baka friends.

My memory slips further and further from me as I get older.

I read a manga a long time ago. I've forgotten it and am looking for it again.

It has the following three elements as listed in the topic name:

Class/School Isekai
A slime that eats a dead female classmate and then looks like her
A marionette/Wooden Doll named Rose, I think.

That's all that I can remember, but I can remember I enjoyed it.

Post #788129
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11:10 pm, Jan 11 2021
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Monster no Goshujin-sama

Manga read: ~4250

~1300 Ongoing...
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