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Searching for a manhwa, please Help !

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7:06 pm, Jan 13 2021
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Hi, I’m searching for a korean manhwa I read last year but I totally forgot the title.

The manhwa’s about two bestfriends, a guy and a girl. Technically this guy just got back from his military service and the girl wanted to do a suprise on him, so she waits for him at his apartment. She hides in the closet but then when the guy friend came home, she saw him masturbating while calling out her name.

If you know the title of this manhwa, do tell me! Thank you !

Post #788169 - Reply to (#788164) by bloomingflower

5:54 am, Jan 14 2021
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i think it's What's Going On?

Post #788170 - Reply to (#788169) by aegonxi

8:43 am, Jan 14 2021
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yes, that’s it! thank youu so much !!

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