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New Poll - Fan-Colored Pages

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Post #788436 - Reply to (#788398) by Fakasuyuru

11:28 pm, Jan 27 2021
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Sounds reasonable, that's probably it...

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5:51 am, Jan 28 2021
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I don't really like them tbh
if they're pages at the start or end of a chapter, then I can just treat it as a credit page and ignore. But in the center and highlight of the chapter? Unless you have god-like colouring skills or you replicate the mangaka's colouring style, please don't. Manga aren't colouring books lmao

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Lone Wanderer

11:26 am, Jan 29 2021
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They get in the way, but it's no big deal, if the colouring is well-done and the original page immediately precedes or follows it.

They're terrible if the above conditions aren't met.

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