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forgotten manga title

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11:32 am, Jan 24 2021
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Mc didnot get skill like his parent.

Mc mother was a sword saint, mc father is a magician.
Mc learning how to use sword from his mother.
When mc swinging the sword, some kid in the village say what mc do is useless. Because he didnot have sword skill. Another kid came and want to have a sword match with mc. Mc win the match.

Another day mc went to the forest to excercise. He saw a monster attacking the kid that has a match with him yesterday. Mc kill the mosnter.

Time skip.

Mc went to city of sword. On the road, a monster attack the caravan that mc ride. The people that boasting his skill before flee from the caravan because afraid the monster. Then mc defeat the monster. Other people who remain think mc has a good sword skill. Mc answer no.

In the city of sword, mc want to join a guild. But the guild didnot want to accept a kid. Somewhere a girl try to invite mc into her guild.

Her guild is the lowest in rank because other member quitting. The guild leader is the girl father. That girl father lost 1 arm. Mc see another girl in the guild.

The girl know mc because they were from same village. The girl tell mc that she was a kid who try sword match with mc.

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10:00 pm, Jan 24 2021
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This one Mushoku no Eiyuu: Betsu ni Skill Nanka Iranakattan daga ??

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