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KTL Desprately needed

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4:08 pm, Jan 27 2021
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🍭**The Candy Store**🍭

Hello! We are a new BL group who are working on some amazing New projects (SFW & NSFW)

We are currently recruiting for new staff as we would love to be able to bring out more content and faster too! But sadly we are way understaffed

Here is some of our amazing projects

🍫My Childhood friend is too provocative for me (NSFW Bomtoon)
🍫Swapping (NSFW RidiBooks)
🍫Flip Turn (NSFW RidiBooks)
🍫My Sweet And Bitter Friend (Omegaverse NSFW Bomtoon)
🍫Who Are You Creator (SFW Bomtoon)
🍫My Stallion (Omegaverse NSFW RidiBooks)

If you would like to see all our projects please head over to our discord or check out or mangadex channel at the bottom

Here is what we are desperately in need...

🧁KTL (Or KTL Proofreader) **URGENT**
🧁Typesetter DESPRATE
🧁Proofreader DESPRATE
🧁De-censorer URGENT

Please apply if your interested by DM me

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1:55 pm, Feb 6 2021
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We are in need of all positions!

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3:57 pm, Feb 11 2021
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Heya we are now in urgent need of Typesetters and Quality Checkers <3

Post #788724 - Reply to (#788617) by SweetLikeCandy

6:49 am, Feb 12 2021
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Hi! Are you guys willing to train? I want to become a typesetter and would love to fill that position for you but I have zero experience. Thank you!

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6:18 pm, Feb 14 2021
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I have messaged
Also we are still desperate for Typesetters and Quality Checkers

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5:43 pm, Feb 17 2021
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In need of all positions

Post #788829

12:44 pm, Feb 19 2021
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