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New Poll - Video Conferencing Software

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12:30 am, Feb 2 2021
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As a teacher I have to use this kind of software every time I impart a lesson.
I was imposed video conferencing as a teaching method in 2019, a few months before the plandemic.

Voted Few times a week since it's summertime here atm and I don't have to be online everyday like the rest of the year. I don't tend to use video conferencing with friends either (we text each other instead).

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8:12 am, Feb 2 2021
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I use the software, but without a webcam, so it’s just a VoIP convo.

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3:26 pm, Feb 6 2021
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Never used because thankfully I don't have a desk job.

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2:26 am, Feb 7 2021
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Quote from "Transdude1996"
Probably rural areas and blue collar workers.

I responded "never used before", and while I'm a blue collar worker, I actually grew up in Long Island suburbs in New York, so not exactly rural.

Quote from "HikaruYami"
I have to wonder about the age and occupation of the 36.6%
I feel like they're almost exclusively 19-25 year olds who didn't go to college and still live with their parents.

Age is 32. I went to college but I dropped out. Occupation is logistics worker in a sort facility... basically, a mail handler. I don't live with my parents.
In any case, the reason I personally said I never used video conferencing software is because even though I've used stuff like Discord, Skype, etc. I've never used them for video conferencing.

I have done one-on-one video calls via Skype and other platforms, but that's not exactly video conferencing, is it? Heck, I think most people wouldn't even consider a 3-person video call a "conference". It's only a conference if you have a group of people, right? That's probably the reason why most people answered the poll with "Never used before".

Even after the pandemic, the only people doing video conferencing are people working from home (mostly white collar office workers), or students. Which, admittedly, is a pretty small percentage of the population.

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