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Broken Hearts

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5:42 pm, Feb 17 2021
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Broken heart scans broken_heart is recruiting!

Korean Translators URGENT
Typesetters URGENT
Quality Checkers
English Proofreader
Densensorer URGENT
Raw Provider/Compiler

We are a small BL group working on some amazing projects such as:

Who's your daddy
Exotic love
And many more, for a full list check out mangadex or discord

Mangadex -
Discord -

Please message me for a test or send in your previous work

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12:45 pm, Feb 19 2021
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7:01 pm, Feb 20 2021
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We are in urgent need of a Korean Translators to help us on our projects! At the moment we only have one so releases are slow!
If you'd like faster releases for the following projects:

Who's your daddy
Dream-Like Lie
Exotic Love
Its not like that

And many more. Why not come and join us <3

We are also open to all other positions!

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9:44 pm, Feb 20 2021
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Only bump after 7 days

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