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Evil Female Protagonist

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11:35 pm, Feb 17 2021
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I'm looking for a webcomic or manga with an evil female protagonist. I don't mean your typical villainess isekai character, I mean actually evil.

Someone who is a bad person and is rewarded for being a bad person and receives a good ending even though she is evil.

[I'm looking for shoujo or josei plots. No shonen or seinen please]

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4:40 am, Feb 24 2021
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Talentless Nana fits PERFECTLY

Skee Skee
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2:05 pm, Feb 24 2021
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Seigi no Mikata fits pretty well, if I recall correctly. The character isn’t the mc, but the manga revolves around her.

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1:06 pm, Feb 28 2021
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this manhwa is probably famous by now. no ending yet but I can tell that they are the main character. my top favourite manhwa so far. and btw, manhwa and webcomic are a bit similar so it counts I guess?

-your throne

-The Way to Keep an Older Brother of the Heroine Safe

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7:23 am, Apr 29 2021
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+1 Your Throne
+1 The Way to Keep an Older Brother of the Heroine Safe

I suggest...
Her Majesty's Swarm
Genocide Online - Gokuaku Reijou no Play Nikki
Kill the Villainess

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12:26 am, Apr 30 2021
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Your throne is a masterpiece. The female leads complement each other so well, you have the cunning-always-one-step-ahead-manipulative one, and the pure-big-hearted-hopeful-maturing one. I love their friendship/partnership. A fantastic read.

You can also try The Villainess lives again, it has a lot of potential and it fits your request

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8:19 pm, May 1 2021
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Kasane (MATSUURA Daruma) might fit here. Though I haven't finished it yet so I don't know about the ending.

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