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Shoujo podcast episode ideas?

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11:50 pm, Feb 18 2021
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Hey everyone!

Some friends and I started a Shoujo Podcast and we're looking for some new potential episode or segment ideas to do! What do you guys, as listeners, want to hear from a Shoujo podcast?? We're still in our early stages and slowly uploaded some new stuff so we're just trying to see what might be interesting to everyone.

Here are some examples of ideas we already have!

Shoujo vs. Josei
Cingey tropes
Representation of Disabilities within Shoujo
History of shoujo
Expectation vs. Reality

Here's our Youtube and other links if you're interested. We're also on Spotify and more! :3

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2:51 am, Feb 19 2021
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hey good luck with your podcast!

i'd love to see episodes on:
fatphobia / body positivity in shoujo
representations of gender
you already have history of shoujo as an idea but more specifically i'd like to see an exploration of the development of the genre, how it has evolved, and how it has contributed to the codification of panelling conventions and narrative techniques
maybe something on how the modern villainess trope harkens back to classic shoujo tropes?
can talk about some shoujo series that break the mold and why it is significant that they deviate from the conventional

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3:29 pm, Feb 19 2021
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The other members and I really loved your suggestions! They’re very fresh and interesting. We most definitely want to have episodes which looks at Shoujo and the social systems, standards, environment it projects.

I specifically liked the idea of paneling conventions and narrative techniques as someone who likes writing fiction ^.^

Once again thanks a lot!

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10:51 am, Feb 20 2021
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great i'm looking forward to it! ^o^

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6:22 am, Feb 24 2021
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I like slice of life stories
and found that stories that helped inexperienced viewers deal with
poverty, racism, divorce, body image, death, and personal illness were the ones I liked the best

getting sempai to notice me; not so much...
but I can see where they're coming from, my 'mad crush' phase thankfully only hit once or twice for a few months each

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2:08 pm, Feb 24 2021
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just followed u on spotify! i can never get enough of my favorite manga podcast, Read Right-to-Left, so i'm hoping this will make a perfect supplement <3

of the suggestions you listed, i'd be far more likely to listen to episodes on disability and the history of shoujo, bc i've already heard plenty of conversations on the other topics and i can never have enough information about manga history.

my request would be to discuss shoujo horror--when/why did such a trend come about, best mangaka in that scene (kazuo umezu and kanako inuki are obvious, but who else might you recommend?), and influential titles from that sphere of shoujo, etc. i would eat that up.

one other thing that i'd really appreciate would be not discussing exclusively stuff that's legally available in english. we want to know about the deep cuts! u wouldn't necessarily have to promote pirating, but getting a wider vision of shoujo past what's already being marketed to us would be wonderful.

looking forward to trying your cast!

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