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Looking for a BL manga w/ stocks

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4:13 am, Feb 20 2021
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Been searching for a BL I read 5~ years ago. It features a wealthy university student (the seme probably) that has a bad habit of day trading/gambling stocks. He's also the typical popular/lady killer type. I think he has the uke work for him in some capacity.

I remember very little other than stonks, honestly šŸ˜”

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12:32 pm, Mar 7 2021
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Shakkin Daiou
by Rokuya Sanae

Post #789253 - Reply to (#789119) by Carmella

8:35 am, Mar 15 2021
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This isn't the one, since I'm pretty sure the seme and uke were university students. But thank you for looking!!

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7:17 pm, Mar 15 2021
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Akunin o Nakaseru Houhou also has stonks and a rich seme so I hoped this was it but since you mentioned university students Iā€™m not entirely sure.

Post #789385 - Reply to (#789258) by xCrystal

4:56 am, Mar 22 2021
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Ah, that's not the one either. I think it was a "rich university kid" x "poor university kid" sort of scenario.
Thank you for looking though! I appreciate it!

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Procrastinator and

3:33 am, May 2 2021
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Gentei Kareshi? Seme does day trading and uke is a rental boyfriend.

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