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Looking for a yaoi manga

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3:08 pm, Feb 21 2021
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Hi, so I'm basically looking for a yaoi manga (cannot seem to recall the title) where the seme is from a well-to-do traditional family and he has his bride chosen for him. The tradition in his family is that except the first-bon son, all the other sons will have to marry a person of the same-sex so that there are no conflicts about who would inherit (basically, so that they do not have any children).
The seme is probably a second or third born (cannot remember exactly) and the bride chosen for him (from a branch family) is his school mate (and someone younger than him, I think). The seme was originally straight but as it was a family tradition, he has no choice but to marry the uke. The uke, on the other hand, has been in love with the seme for a long time and so worked hard so that he would be chosen as the seme's partner.
I cannot exactly remember all the detais very accurately but I hope this helps. 😀

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9:57 pm, Feb 21 2021
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1:11 pm, Feb 22 2021
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Yes,this was it exactly!! Thank you so much!! 😁 😁

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