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Suggestion: Add Option for Images in Manga Lists?

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6:10 am, Mar 3 2021
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Most of the titles in my lists have Japanese names, which I can't read, so it's usually hard for me to remember which series I'm looking at.

I often look at a title, think, "what the heck is that?" and click on it to go to the info page...
Then I'm like, "oh yeah, it's that one," and carry on with my business...
And 15 min later, I see it again and think, "which one was that again??"

Suffice to say, it would make it a lot easier to remember which title belongs to which manga if there were an option to display the manga's image along with the title.

What do you think? Can this be done?

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6:39 am, Mar 3 2021
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There's a way to do this using the advanced search. Go down to the "List options", pick the list you want to search, and make sure that the "As boxes with manga cover" option is selected under the "Show Results" option.

Then you can browse any of your lists with cover images & a partial description.

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11:48 am, Mar 3 2021
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There's a userscript that displays manga covers when you roll over titles with your mouse that you can get here.

Here's a guide on how to use userscripts in case you're unfamiliar.

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7:13 pm, May 1 2021
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I would enjoy such an option as well or more order options for the Advanced Search. The hovering would be helpful, but I find it a lot faster to have a swift look at the covers and select, what I want.

The advanced search has the big flaw of not supporting the order options of my lists. By unread releases and by (my own) rating are incredible helpful to me and what I usually go for.

I currently have 18 custom lists. Most of them would become redundant if I had these order options with the advanced search. "Only show manga on my lists" also would be a helpful tool to me.

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11:25 pm, May 1 2021
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Wow, I didn't know about this! Thank you, it's helpful.
I have no problem remembering Japanese manga as the romaji title is easy to read but I don't know what the heck ongoing manhwa I'm reading lol

I'm a bundle of inconsistencies.
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