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I’m looking for this BL manga

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9:02 am, Mar 6 2021
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I read it on a manga site once and could never find it again and am trying my luck here. I only read the first chapter and it was about

two boys sitting next to each other in a university lecture hall. Both are very good looking in appearance but both choose to hide it. One wears glasses and a hat to cover his face, while the other wears a mask so ppl don't recognize him as a model. It cuts to the next scene where it's raining and they are both on the subway. One of them drops something and the other picks it up and follows them to give it back. But the mask the boy is wearing fell off in the train and the boy w/ glasses recognizes him as a model. The ch ends w/ them in a cafe talking about why they hide their face.

70% sure, but I'm pretty sure the glasses boy had black hair and was on the shorter side, and the model w/ the mask had blonde hair. 50% sure that the cover was just of one of the boy's faces on it (bc I remember how pretty the art was lol) and think the background was pink

Thank you in advance!

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10:38 am, Mar 21 2021
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it should be Kawaii wa Boku no Kizu

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3:22 am, Apr 26 2021
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