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Recruiting TL/CLRD/TS for my scan group!

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7:24 pm, Mar 22 2021
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Hi there! Thanks for taking the time to read this.
This recruitment is actually for a group that my friend made, but she's been doing everything herself for awhile now, and I only recently joined to help her out.
We're super lax and we don't have deadlines, its more of a -do-it-when-you-wanna.
This group consist of two main people- obviously my friend, who is more of a CTL and a PR(she can TS too), while I'm more of CLRD, TS-er and a QC. I do CTL and PR but not in this group as we split responsibility.
We understand if you're busy with IRL stuff as we are too. So we dont have a set schedules etc. You can just randomly stack chapters (when you WANT to, seriously, I'd rather you have fun than rush.)
Since we currently mainly only do two series(that she likes), we dont mind if you come in with suggestions of what you want us to do together as we believe that working on a series you personally like is more fun than being forced, but we do have to ensure that we got the TL for it.

Note: Beginners are welcome! I've taught quite afew new TS-ers myself, so do not feel embarrassed to contact me without any prior experience!

We're currently looking for:
Korean Translators,
Japanese Translators,

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1:58 am, Mar 29 2021
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Bump :>

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4:40 pm, Apr 6 2021
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10:50 am, Apr 17 2021
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4:52 am, Apr 18 2021
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If you're still looking for any typesetter, I'm available!

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5:55 am, Apr 18 2021
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i have no prior exp in ts, but would like to try if it's still available! (:

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