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New Poll - Author Dying

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2:48 pm, Mar 28 2021
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they better be dead if they're not currently working on the ending of that thing they left unfinished 14yrs ago
or else...

Post #789522 - Reply to (#789497) by CheshireCaine
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6:12 pm, Mar 28 2021
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Quote from CheshireCaine
"Have the author stop right there and enjoy the rest of their life."

Option A without question. A universe where my consumption outweighs their life is not the one I live in.


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9:15 pm, Mar 28 2021
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I voted "Have them try and rush an ending", but I'll explain. I'm not asking about completing a volume or something like that. They usually have a bunch of chapters ready to publish (maybe only one, maybe more), so they can publish all of them as they are and, after that, even if it's only one handwritten page, say how it ends. After that "Have the author stop right there and enjoy the rest of their life".

True, I've given up on the real world, however I haven't given up on myself. The world doesn't get to decide whether my life is boring, fun, or ordinary coz that's my decision to make. As long as I have the will nothing is impossible!
Post #789529 - Reply to (#789491) by kaloo

11:22 pm, Mar 28 2021
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I totally think the same .They should just enjoy their life and maybe leave in an interview how they thought it would've ended / after story if posible.

I mean it's not as if lately there were many mangas with satisfying endings, editors usually change way too much .They would even have the unique chance to say what the plot they wanted would be like without caring for the repercussions. We could even get to hear how some authors end up detesting their own works. 😛

Lastly I must stress how terrible it is when they don't let a series die even after the original creator is gone (or has left the proyect).

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7:16 am, Mar 29 2021
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As a consumer, I'd pick option A wholeheartedly. Ultimately though, I think the final decision should be left up to the author, ideally with no pressure from their editor or publisher, and especially not from the fans.

When World Trigger went into hiatus a few years back, it was a bit upsetting but I was much more concerned about Daisuke Ashihara's condition upon learning about his health issues at the time. Thankfully it wasn't as drastic as this post, and the work has since returned, but it did give me some perspective.

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9:09 am, Mar 29 2021
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Some big name authors have already dealt with such issues for their massive franchises. For example Gosho of Detective Conan had already created the plot for the final concluding arc and locked it in his safe. He updates it as needed. He said this was just in case something happened to him. His assistants would continue the work as they are already trained in putting out entire chapters. Oda of One Piece tells each editor assigned to him by the publisher about the final arc details. That takes half a work day ( 6 hours ) and the editor knows not only the ending but the many details leading to the ending. This is so that the editor will be able to properly edit all current work without diverging to any points that might contradict items in the final arc's ending.

I suspect that publishers may urge the major authors to have emergency plans for concluding the story with a final arc.

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1:40 pm, Mar 29 2021
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As kind & humanitarian the option A sounds, I'll be frank and say that I care more about a piece of work that I'm engrossed in and passionate about than the person behind it in most cases. I'd rather the author continue for as long he/she's able to produce chapters that are on par with his/her previous work at the usual rate of release. I wouldn't want them to churn out chapters haphazardly in an attempt to rush out the ending, nor would I like them continuing if they're not in a state physically or mentally in which they can maintain the same quality as before. But if they are able, then I want them to do it, and preferably entrust a rough overview of what is left in their creative vision to be utilized after their passing by the second most qualified person.


2:01 pm, Mar 29 2021
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Obviously I'm picking Have the author stop right there and enjoy the rest of their life. With that said, I get this feeling that Oda would just keep writing One Piece because that's literally been his #1 life goal since he was a teenager. But if he chooses to spend time with his family instead, good on him! They barely get to see him lol.

The only authors for which I could imagine any non-sociopath disagreeing with this option would be ones that have just left their series to rot for a decade or more. These are series for which people love the work and have come to mostly dislike the author. I could see people wanting Togashi (HxH) or Yazawa (Nana) to come back and rush an ending--if not in print form, then at least telling their editors how it would end so some other artist can do *something* with it. I know Togashi has never been the best at endings (I mean, I liked YYH, but the ending just got weird), but if he really never writes up an ending of any sort, people will be piiiiiissed at all this time he wasted.

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4:39 am, Mar 30 2021
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If they're the author of my favorite series, I want them to be happy and enjoy life! I'd rather have a bittersweet unfinished series than feel guilty about a rushed ending I know the author literally worked themselves to death on.

Post #789554 - Reply to (#789537) by Naeko
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4:57 am, Mar 30 2021
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I didn't know that! But it makes sense and it's great to know. Although I still think I'll never find out how one piece and certain other famous manga - *cough hunterxhunter cough cough* will end. Feels like one piece will outlive me.

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11:14 am, Apr 2 2021
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I feel like there needs to be an option for "whatever the author prefers". Some authors may want to stop and focus on other things in their life, while others would prefer to figure out a way to end the series quickly. Or maybe they want to continue living their life as they have been and need the normalcy of keeping to a regular schedule. In any case, I wouldn't want to dictate how an author lives their final months.

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